Why Your Child Should Attend an Early Learning Centre

An early learning centre is something of a childcare centre, except that this type of centre will usually include lessons for the child to learn colours, shapes, letters, pronunciation of words and so on. An actual early learning centre may be more expensive than a simple day-care facility that doesn't include such lessons, but it can be very advantageous to send your child to such a centre. Note why that is, and how your child can benefit from attending such a centre before they reach school age.


Most childcare centres will have lots of time for your child to simply play, relax, read, colour and otherwise do what interests them, but an early learning centre will also have more time that is structured, meaning the child is required to do what is asked of them by the instructor. This gets a child accustomed to having to sit still, pay attention, put down toys or otherwise follow that instruction when told to do so. This can prepare them for school, when they will need to pay attention to the teacher before it's time for recess, and they may better adjust to those demands on their attention once they are of school age.

Speaking and pronunciation

Many children struggle with proper pronunciation when they're younger, and having an instructor reading clearly to them, pointing out letters and words as they do, can help a child improve in this area. They can learn how to pronounce words properly, even dropping mispronunciation that they may learn from parents at home and associate the letters and words they see with that proper pronunciation. When they reach school age, they will no longer be prone to baby talk or any mispronunciation or misspeaking that could hinder their reading and communication abilities.


Children are often naturally curious, but an early learning environment can stimulate their curiosity. By reading exciting stories to them, explaining colours and shapes and showing them how letters combine to form words or explaining the concept of numbers, this can make a child even more curious as to what they can learn in school and in books. They may actually want to learn more about animals, the earth and everything else around them. Children may also more readily adjust to other children from different cultures and who speak different languages when they are exposed to stories about those cultures and languages at an early age. This can also make them more comfortable in school and more willing to learn, which can enhance their overall studies and cognition as they get older.