Essential Skills Your Child Requires Before Joining Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a crucial milestone for both parents and children because it allows young ones to start their school life. But before your loved one is accepted into any school, some measures are taken to test children's school readiness. Although the tests may vary from one school to another, they are all aimed at confirming that the child has developed some essential skills that they require to thrive in school.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure your child possess the key skills schools will be looking for when they take the kindergarten readiness examination. You can accomplish this by modifying your child care and helping your child practice and master the skills before they join a school. These skills include:


Once your child joins kindergarten, they will be surrounded by strangers and will need to communicate throughout. Therefore, your child needs to develop their language skills. This will not only help them talk to the teacher or fellow pre-schoolers but also convey their needs or worries.

For this reason, they should be able to articulate clear sentences and answer or ask questions. Consider encouraging your child to talk to others, and read books to them often. This will promote language development, hence improving their communication skills.


Education doesn't always involve writing and drawing. Your child will also need to show that they can cut things. If you see your young one tearing papers before they join kindergarten, do not stop them. Although they will create a mess, they will develop a valuable skill. You may also purchase a pair of scissors (these should be child-safe) and let them practice their cutting skills on a piece of paper. Consider teaching them to make different shapes while cutting. If you think the pair of scissors isn't ideal, consider practicing cutting with play dough.


Young ones depend on their parents for everything. This includes eating, cleaning up, and dressing up, among other tasks. Since you are not going to be around to help your child do some of these tasks while they are at school, consider teaching them to handle some tasks on their own. The teacher can offer assistance, but it will be impossible to cater to all the kids at the same time. So, instead of dressing or feeding your child, allow them to handle it on their own. It might take them a while, or they might make mistakes, but they will learn. After a while, they'll be able to tend to some of their own needs.