A guide to two common childcare options

Trying to select the right form of childcare can be difficult. Read on to learn more about two of the most common options that most parents use. Have a relative care for your child Many people prefer to have one of their own parents care for their child, as they feel more comfortable leaving their child with someone that they already know and trust. Additionally, having your mother, father, or in-laws look after your child whilst you're at work is perhaps one of the least expensive childcare options, as in many cases, grandparents are quite content to either do the work for free, or for a small fee, which only covers the cost of travelling to and from your home, food and any outings they take the child on.

3 fun Halloween crafts to try at your child care centre

Halloween is traditionally a spooky occasion in Australia! When you are celebrating Halloween with young children you want to make sure to stay on the fun and creative side of Halloween and not dwell too much on the scary aspects of the celebration. Here are some fun craft activities that you can do with children at a child care centre to celebrate Halloween.   Carving 'pumpkins' While pumpkin carving is a common Halloween tradition, it can be expensive as pumpkins are not in season for Australian Halloween.

Finding a child care that deals well with illnesses

Often children catch more illnesses when they start a group care situation such as child care, compared with spending time at home with their family. This exposure to illnesses can be very stressful for carers who need to stay home to look after their sick children. If you are on the hunt for a childcare that deals well with illnesses here are some things to look for.   Impeccable hygiene

Packing a healthy lunch for your preschool child

As your child heads off to preschool each day, it's important to make sure they have a healthy lunchbox. Having a healthy lunchbox planned helps your child to have enough energy to concentrate and play through out the day. Here are some tips to make sure what you pack gets eaten and enjoyed. Packed with protein It's super helpful to include some shelf stable protein to keep the snacks tasty and delicious even as the temperature heads up in summer and lunch pails sit outside in the sun.

What to Look for When Choosing a Child Care for Your Breastfed Baby

Enrolling a breastfed baby in child care is not impossible. You can continue to breastfeeding while your child is in part or full time child care, but in order to be successful, you need more than a great pump and a hopeful attitude. You also need the right child care; here's what to look for when choosing child care for your bub. 1. A breastfeeding friendly child care provider When looking for a child care provider for your baby or breastfed toddler, you need to find a caregiver who supports breastfeeding.