Tips For Childcare Workers On Caring For Breastfed Babies In A Childcare Centre

For childcare workers who are used to caring for formula fed babies, it can take some adjusting to the feeding patterns of a breastfed baby. Here are some tips to make the transition easier. Adjusting to the centre Some babies who have been exclusively breastfed prior to starting childcare can find adapting to a bottle feed challenging. Ideally it is better to stagger the introduction of a bottle to starting childcare to minimise changes for the baby.

Finger-sucking—How to Prevent it from Affecting Speech

Finger-sucking habits can start as early as 6 months in babies. The majority of infants and toddlers with a sucking habit prefer to suck their thumb, but using the index and middle finger together is also common. Whilst many parents welcome this as an alternative to a dummy obsession, others are aware that any form of sucking habit can lead to dental and speech issues in later childhood and even adult years.